business Development services



You have been up and running for a while now. Sales and profits are steady but you're bursting at the seams. Or maybe you are looking to expand product offerings, explore new markets and diversify revenue streams.  You know you need to be strategic and thoughtful as your company develops.  This is the time to pause, assess your company as it is now - its strategies, staffing, procedures, etc - and map out how it can become the company you want it to be.  TSS guides you through strategic planning so there is a concrete plan for growth and new ventures.  Then, we work with your team to roll out the changes.


When you started this company it was an all-hands-on-deck mentality. Your team threw on whatever hat was needed to get the job done and you launched, what is now, a successful company. But over time the staff and the customer needs have grown and now some of those hats aren't fitting so snuggly. Swapping some hats or adding a few key people might be just the thing your company needs. Couple these services with the Admin Efficiency Services and they'll be no stopping you!


You are making money, clients and customers are happy.  But you can't help feeling like you are pedaling harder than you should be. That's probably because you are.  It's time to get strategic about running your business efficiently and effectively.  It's time to get organized, create systems and use technology to streamline your operations.  And perhaps it's also time to let go of controlling every aspect of your business.  Not sure how?  We've got just the plan.