Marketing + Social Media services



Effective marketing starts with a great strategy.  We map that strategy by in a comprehensive Marketing Plan with concrete initiatives and a clear, aggressive implementation plan.  Once your plan is in place, TSS either trains your staff to tackle each initiative or offers services to implement the Marketing Plan for you. Many of our clients do not want to hire and manage marketing staff.  For these clients, we serve as the marketing "arm" of their company providing them with a seasoned marketing team while saving them time and money.


In this market, Social Media is fast becoming the way people discover products and businesses. That's why, if you’re not engaging clients or customers on Social Media, you are probably missing out. But it’s more than just posting pretty pictures. To market effectively in the SM arena, you need to know which channels are best for your business. You want to develop strategic campaigns that will bring you significant followers and continued engagement. Fortunately, that’s our expertise.


Social Media is a commitment. You need to know what to post, when to post and then you must post with consistency.  But who’s got the time?  We do. First, we consider your overall marketing goals, then, knowing the markets you want to reach, we determine the best ways to engage them.  Then we comb the internet for content that’s relevant to your company and connect you with brands that will help boost your online presence.