We’ve streamlined our Marketing and Business solutions into packages with set deliverables and flexible pricing.   All of our packages offer a host of options - some you will need, some you won’t.  The clarity of our packages give small businesses digestible offerings that we then customize to meet their size, their budget and the results they desire.


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Marketing Packages


Website Packages           

Sites get tired. Technology and graphic design evolves at a pace we can hardly catch up with so, before you know it, your website is looking sad and it is time for a new one.  OR you are launching a new company and your website will be the rock you build your brand on.  Either way, you want to put your best foot forward. Your website is the most crucial marketing tool your company has so you need to get it right.  You don’t want to DIY this, it’s too important.    

Process & Deliverables:
Brand Look, Feel & Voice Development
Website Strategy
Site Design & Development
Front-end SEO
Back-end SEO
Analytics Setup

Brand Identity Packages 

A cool logo is only a cool logo if it doesn't truly speak to your brand.  Knowing you and your company, what you do and why you do what you do give us insight into why people should work with you or buy your product. That is why every TSS Brand Identity Package begins with discovery, is guided by strategy and results in the design of collateral materials that truly represent your brand.

Process & Deliverables:
Brand Exploration & Strategy Development
Brand Look, Feel & Voice Development
Logo, Postcards, Stationary Design
Style Guide of Brand Fonts & Color Palette


Social media profile Packages      

In this market, Social Media is fast becoming the way people discover products and businesses. That's why, if you’re not engaging clients or customers on Social Media, you are probably missing out. But it’s more than just posting pretty pictures. To market effectively in the SM arena, you need to know which channels are best for your business. You want to develop strategic campaigns that will bring you significant followers and continued engagement. Fortunately, that’s our expertise.  

Process & Deliverables:
Social Media Strategy Development
Profile Build-out on multiple Social Media Platforms*
Hashtag/Keyword Research and Strategy
Starter Content Development for each platform
In-house Staff Training  
OR Customized TSS Ongoing Social Media Service

*(Platforms may include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, etc.)                                                                                             

Social Media marketing packages

Social Media is a commitment. You need to know what to post, when to post and then you must post with consistency.  But who’s got the time?  We do. First, we consider your overall marketing goals, then, knowing the markets you want to reach, we determine the best ways to engage them.  Then we comb the internet for content that’s relevant to your company and connect you with brands that will help boost your online presence.  The TSS SM team is fast, effective and costs less than a part-time Millennial.  

Process & Deliverables:
Social Media Strategy Development
Hashtags and Keywords Research and Implementation
Customized Weekly Posting Services
Blog Writing Services
Analytics Reporting & Analysis

*(Platforms may include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, etc.) 


Promotional Materials Packages

Telling your story goes beyond your website and your sales pitch. Branded promotional and marketing materials send the message that yours is an established, professional company. So whether it is a Leave Behind, a digital LookBook, a brochure or a mailer, ensuring that they all tell the same story with the same brand look, feel and voice is key to making a powerful impression.  Plus, we take you from strategy to design to production so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Process & Deliverables:
Brand Exploration & Strategy Development
Brand Look, Feel & Voice Development
Promo Material Design
Promo Material Pricing
Promo Material Production & Shipping

Online & Print Advertising Packages  

So you want to up your game. After all, a brand cannot rely on social media alone.  It benefits from a multi-pronged approach. Combining a Social Media Plan with strategic advertising campaigns might be just the one-two punch your company needs to get ahead in the marketplace. TSS can get you there with a shrewd strategy and eye-catching print and digital advertising.

Process & Deliverables:
Advertising Strategy Development
Digital Banner Ads, Posts and Pins Design
Digital of Print Ad Design
Google AdWords and Paid Post Campaign Develop and Implementation
Ad Analytics Setup
Ad Metrics Evaluation and Modification


Marketing & Sales Services

Some companies want to see the big picture and develop a comprehensive Marketing & Sales Plan to map out a strategy for success. But a Marketing & Sales Plan is only successful if it has concrete initiatives and a clear, aggressive implementation plan. That is why a TSS Marketing & Sales Strategynot only outlines achievable next steps, it includes staff training or provides TSS services to guide you through implementation and beyond.

Process & Deliverables:
Products and Service Evaluation and Exploration
Current Market and Competition Research and Analysis
Strategic Marketing & Sales Plan Development
Goal, Initiative & Tactic Setting
Sales Training and/or Hiring
In -house Implementation OR TSS Implementation Services

a la carte services

While our packages are comprehensive, we are always thinking up new promotional materials to brand or services to offer.  Sometimes our clients often have ideas for a great Giveaway or a new need arises where TSS can be helpful. TSS loves conjuring up new ways to get your brand out there and solve the issues that plague small business.   Call or email us and we can explore the possibilities together!

Some Services Include:
Powerpoint Templates
Project Portfolio PDFs
Brand Promotional Giveaways
Annual Reports

Business Packages


Company Growth services

You have been up and running for a while now. Sales and profits are steady but you're bursting at the seams. You know you need to be strategic and thoughtful as your company grows.  This is the time to pause, assess your company as it is now - its strategies, staffing, procedures, etc - and map out how it can become the company you want it to be.  TSS guides you through this process of development and change to get you from Point A to Point B with a plan that is custom and comprehensive. Then we help you implement it.

Process & Deliverables:
Company, Staffing, Systems Assessment
SWOT Analysis  
Growth Plan Strategy & Plan
Marketing & Sales Strategy & Plan Development
Staff Hiring and Training
In-house OR TSS Growth Plan Implementation

New Venture Planning services 

Ok, now for the fun part - exploring what's next.  Your company has hit its stride and you are asking yourself how can you expand product offerings and diversify revenue streams. You don't want be impulsive and hasty. What you need is a facilitator who can see the big picture and guide you through the exploration, research and implementation of this next big move. Fortunately, that is what TSS does best.              

Process & Deliverables:
New Venture Research & Analysis
Company, Staffing, Systems, Financial Viability Assessment
New Venture Strategy & Plan
Marketing & Sales Planning  
Staff Hiring and Training
In-house OR TSS New Venture Plan Implementation


Admin Efficiency services

You are making money, clients and customers are happy.  But you can't help feeling like you are pedaling harder than you should be. That's probably because you are.  It's time to get strategic about running your business efficiently and effectively.  It's time to create systems and use technology to streamline your operations.  And perhaps it's also time to let go of controlling every aspect of your business.  Not sure how?  We've got just the plan.

Process & Deliverables:
Administrative Systems, Staffing, and Facilities Assessment
SWOT Analysis  
Technology & Accounting Assessment & Recommendation
Admin Efficiency Strategy Development    
Staff Hiring & Training
In-house OR TSS Admin Efficiency Plan Implementation


Strategic Staffing services

When you started this company it was an all-hands-on-deck mentality. Your team threw on whatever hat was needed to get the job done and you launched what is now a successful company. But over time the staff and the customer needs have grown and now some of those hats aren't fitting so snuggly. Swapping some hats or adding a few key people might be just the thing your company needs. Couple these services with the Admin Efficiency Package and they'll be no stopping you!

Process & Deliverables:
In-depth Staffing Assessment Administrative Systems, Staffing and Facilities Assessment
Roles & Tasks Analysis
Industry Compensation Comparison Admin Efficiency Strategy & Plan Development
Employee Trajectory Planning    
Strategic Hiring
In-house OR TSS Staff Training   

Don’t see a package that works for your company?  Call us for a fully customized solution.